Golf Specific

Injury Prevention & Treatment

Nova Physiotherapy has a therapist trained in golf specific injuries that will perform a golf specific subjective and objective examination.  For example, for a golfer experiencing low back pain (LBP) subjective questions will include;

  1. On which side of their lower back do they experience LBP and do they golf right or left-handed?
  2. How much do they play and practice?
  3. What are their typical warm-up habits?
  4. How do they transport their clubs?
  5. Did they make any equipment changes that coincided with the onset of LBP?
  6. From what part of the body does the patient focus on for developing power in their golf swing?
  7. Are they currently doing any exercises specifically for their LBP?

The objective exam will include feet, knee, hip/spine position, shoulder, arm position, and grip.  In addition, an evaluation of flexibility and strength.  A videotaped analysis of the swing can be performed and a golf specific rehabilitation program can be implemented.