How To Stay Injury-Free This Off-Season

Be aware, be proactive, and stay healthy!

Hey everyone,

My name is Adam Chambers and I am a physiotherapist at Nova Physiotherapy!

I’ve been working really closely with runners for many years now and have grown to love the sport of running! I have assessed and treated first time runners, recreational runners, and some of the top elites in the city. Many deal with some sort of physical ailment and in many cases ignore signs and symptoms. They usually visit a health care provider when the pain is so bad, that they have to stop running.

Over the past few years I have been trying to stress the importance of prehab over rehab. If we can find anatomical imbalances and correct them, it will vastly improve a runners chances of staying injury free.

The race season is over for this year and many runners don’t enjoy the harshness of our Newfoundland winters. During the off season, it is important to not only stay fit, but to prepare yourself for the next season. Preparation should always include working on your weaknesses to decrease the chances of injury.

As a physiotherapist and a runner I can honestly say that staying injury free is just as important as fitness. If you can’t run, you can’t get fit.

The moral of the story is come see me!

I can provide an in depth analysis of your musculoskeletal system and find your weakness and imbalances. We can then talk about a rehab program to help correct these issues to ultimately decrease your chances of injury. I also provide video analysis of your running gait. If we can find any flaws in your gait pattern then we can decrease the chances of these flaws leading to injury.

Remember, most injuries can be prevented if you fix the root cause. Let’s find the root cause, fix it, and stay injury free next season!