Christa Willar

“As a runner and a cyclist getting injured takes a toll on the body physically and mentally. During the fall of 2014 I started developing pain in my right knee. At one point it was so bad I could barely bend or walk stairs. I took a couple of weeks to rest hoping things would improve. It didn’t. Over the course of the next five months I saw numerous doctors and physiotherapists. They were all trying to help but I was not seeing any improvement. My friend referred me to Corey at Nova Physiotherapy.

After the first session I felt like there was hope. He listened and explained things to me about my body in a way I hadn’t heard before. I started making changes to how I did things and within a few short weeks I was able to lace up my sneakers again. Just this morning, with the sun shining, I completed a brick workout (bike/run) and I felt healthy and strong. I am still not quite back to 100% but I will get there. My body and my heart truly thanks him for what he has given back to me.”

– Christa Willar

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