Cathy Carroll

Right from my initial assessment, Adam gave me the confidence that I would heal from my injury and return to my active lifestyle. He also assured me that I could correct postural muscle imbalances that I didn’t realize I was fighting against for years! I had torn the muscles in my lower back, up through to my neck and right shoulder. The painful muscle spasms were exhausting and greatly limited my range of motion. After one session with Adam, I knew I was on the right road to recovery. I could trust Adam completely as he was very tuned in to how my body was responding to the injury. His treatments were accurate and progressive, in order for me to heal optimally. Nova Physio has an exceptional and highly motivated team. They are current and multi specialised. Along with the genuine support staff, this team takes a interest in the recovery of every client that comes into their care. Thank you Adam for making such an important difference in my life!! I am enjoying all the sports and activities I love, and I am stronger and better informed on how to do them injury free!

– Cathy Carroll

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