2015 Inter City Men’s Basketball Champions

Sponsored proudly by Nova.

Nova is a proud sponsor of the Inter City Men’s Basketball league, as it encourages movement and exercise of all sorts. Many of the men from these teams see us, to help them remain injury-free so they can compete fully in their matches through the season.

On April 21st, the Inter City Men’s Basketball league have crowned the champions of the 2015 playoffs, placing first and second out of eleven very competitive teams. It was not easy, and is well earned.

First Place

Congratulations to the winning team, Bulgee Bomberz!
1st place - Bulgee Bomberz


Second Place

Also, congrats to the Gold Legends for taking second!
2nd place - Gold Legends

Big congratulations to all of the teams from all of us at Nova! We’re already looking forward to what the upcoming season holds for us all.

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