Golf NL Junior Development Team Golf Prevention and Treatment

Our awesome physiotherapist, Corey Pritchett, has been helping the Golf Newfoundland Labrador -GNL Junior Development Team with their strength and conditioning!

A practical, year round strength conditioning program geared toward golf provides clients/golfers with improvements in their muscular strength, flexibility, cardiovascular capacity, and in their power. It should be the golfer’s aim to avoid injury rather than deal with the pain-staking process of rehabilitating injury.

If your swing is struggling, or you're experiencing pain post game, physiotherapist Corey Pritchett can help.  Our objective exam will include feet, knee, hip/spine position, shoulder, arm position, and grip. In addition, an evaluation of flexibility and strength. A videotaped analysis of the swing can be performed and a golf specific rehabilitation program can be implemented.


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Cape to Cabot Congratulations to all runners!

We want to send out a huge congratulations to everyone who participated in the Cape to Cabot race over the weekend!  The Cape to Cabot race is a 20km run and perhaps the most challenging race on the provincial road race calendar!

Nova had a booth set up at the Cape to Cabot registration at Marine Institute on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who dropped by to speak to Corey Pritchett & Stephanie Nevin!

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Canadian Gymnastics Championships Congratulations Lauren Mills!

Congratulations to gymnast Lauren Mills, a patient of our Physiotherapist, Robert Kelland.  She is returning from the Canadian Gymnastics Championships in Montreal with a Silver medal on vault and a beam and an all around placing in the Level 10 (12-15) category.

Lauren’s results are historic for both the Campia Gymnastics Club and province! Congratulations Lauren!!! Well deserved!

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Boston Marathon Congratulations Stephanie Nevin!

Congrats to one of Nova's Physiotherapists' Stephanie Nevin on completing the Boston Marathon in a time of 04:06:30 !!

The Boston Marathon is an annual marathon hosted by several cities in greater Boston, Massachusetts, United States. It is always held on Patriots' Day, the third Monday of April.

Great Job Stephanie!!!

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Tim Hortons Brier Congratulations to Team Gushue!

Congratulations to Rob Kelland of Nova Physiotherapy who proudly represented us as the official physiotherapist of the the Brier!  The Tim Hortons Brier is the annual Canadian men's curling championship, sanctioned by the Canadian Curling Association.  This year, it was held at home in St. John's, Newfoundland!

We would also like to congratulate Team Gushue on winning the 2017 Brier on home soil in St. John’s!

Congrats to all!

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Ben Rogers ACL recovery

Ben Rogers is a 16 year old high school student who injured his ACL in October of 2014 playing basketball. He underwent surgery to repair it in February 2015. The long road to recovery required many sessions of physiotherapy with Rob Kelland. Rob was a therapist, mentor and friend to Ben and helped him to recover physically and gather the mental strength to once again play the sport with the same confidence and desire. The experience left Ben with a greater appreciation of human will and motivation. Rob was an incredible force and continues to work with Ben to ensure he looks after his new knee and keeps it in top shape. What a professional and team at Nova Physio.

- Richard Rogers and Dr. Sheilagh McGrath

Learn more about Robert Kelland and our team here.

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Cathy Carroll

Right from my initial assessment, Adam gave me the confidence that I would heal from my injury and return to my active lifestyle.

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Christa Willar

As a runner and a cyclist getting injured takes a toll on the body physically and mentally. During the fall of 2014 I started developing pain in my right knee. At one point it was so bad I could barely bend or walk stairs...

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Golf Specific Injury Prevention & Treatment

Nova Physiotherapy has a therapist trained in golf specific injuries that will perform a golf specific subjective and objective examination.

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2015 Inter City Men’s Basketball Champions Sponsored proudly by Nova.

On April 21st, the Inter City Men's Basketball league have crowned the champions of the 2015 playoffs, placing first and second out of eleven very competitive teams. It was not easy, and is well earned.

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Corey Pritchett Completes Seminar

Corey completed The McKenzie B: Cervical and Thoracic Spine on October 18 in Saint John, NB. Congratulations Corey!

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Consumer Choice Award 2012

Nova Physiotherapy has been selected as the Consumer Choice Award 2012 in the category of Health and Fitness for the greater St. John’s area. Congratulations to all our staff on continuing success.

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Physiotherapist says ‘Listen to your body’

Campbellford physiotherapist Doreen Sharpe has a simple message for anyone seeking to improve their overall health: “Listen to your body.”

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Make wearing a helmet cool

Many serious brain injuries are preventable by simply wearing a helmet, however many children are reluctant to do so

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Gamers turn to physiotherapy

Repetitive muscle strains from playing video games have gamers turning to methods of physiotherapy to relieve pain

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